We will dance!

September 9-10 Wheelchair Dance Sport Continents Cup will be held in Saint- Petersburg, in the Exhibition Centre EXPOFORUM, with the support on the Government of Saint- Petersburg and Presidential Grants Fund! 

Very soon we will publish the exact schedule of the competition and of the internet broadcast! 

Follow the news on our website www.ccup.ru and on our groups on the social networks!

Wheelchair Dance Sport Federation in Russia thanks our colleagues for the professional work:

installation video made by our talented friend, Director Ekaterina Makarova, famous St. Petersburg radio DJ Igor Titov gave his voice to our video. Thank you!

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Official announcement

Wheelchair Dance Sport
2017 Continents Cup
Official announcement  

Wheelchair Dance Sport Federation in Russia officially declares that the “2017 Continents Cup” Wheelchair Dance Sport international competition will be held on 9-10 September, 2017 in St. Petersburg.

Despite on the difficult situation prevailing today in the international Paralympic community we are deeply convinced that political issues should not affect the sporting life. Regardless of any changes happening today as well as those which can still occur before the official start of the competition in September 2017, Wheelchair Dance Sport Federation in Russia as the official organizer of “2017 Wheelchair Dance Sport Continents Cup” informs all interested Countries, Federations. Associations and Athletes that we are ready to hold this International Wheelchair Dance Sport competition in St. Petersburg.

At a time when various people and circumstances are trying to bring disunity into the sporting world of our beautiful Paralympic sport, we encourage the community of wheelchair dancers to keep united.

Wheelchair Dance Sport Federation in Russia ensures that “2017 Wheelchair Dance Sport Continents Cup” will be held at the highest level as it was during all last years.

We call on athletes of all countries to confirm their participation in the competition this year despite on any circumstances. We encourage athletes of all countries to support not only Russian wheelchair dancers, but also the development of Paralympic sport in general.

Only together we can return the real feeling of the competition spirit and the desire of further development of the Sport!
Stay with us!


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